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The outcome to expect when working with us? Clearly knowing what you are on track for financially and understanding the pro’s and con’s of decisions you make for you and your family.

Our Story

About What We Do

We are Sydney based Financial Advisers that work intimately with you to make informed financial decisions in a tried, tested and organised manner for the long term.

As industry leading Sydney based Financial Advisers and Wealth Management specialists, we will provide you with professional and personalised financial advice that will help you reach goals that are important to you.

  • Tracked, refined, & visual cash management strategy.
  • Minimising your tax bills by structuring your assets in the most efficient way
  • Personal Insurance designed to protect you in a variety of scenarios eg Income Protection for when sick/injured and can’t work for extended time.
  • Building Investments in various Asset Classes – asset protection, asset intent, asset tax status are key things we consider

The combination of our extensive experience helping people at different life stages coupled with strong relationships with other professionals will provide you with a holistic, comprehensive and thorough financial plan to accelerate your personal version of financial success


Meet Our Team

Andrew Debono

Andrew Debono

Financial Adviser, Founder & Managing Director

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Applied Finance
Diploma of Financial Planning
Adv Diploma of Financial Planning


I have always played an integral part of award winning financial planning firms, and this has sparked my ambition to begin my own business and provide personalised and quality advice to my own clients.

My passion for finance along with my enjoyment of speaking with people has got me hooked on the profession. To see my clients achieve their goals and aspirations is the most rewarding aspect of my job.

Throughout my successful career, I have worked collaboratively with other professionals such as accountants, lawyers, stock brokers and mortgage brokers.

This has provided me with ample knowledge to identify and manage the gaps in my client’s situations.I have been nominated in several industry specific awards including the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) ‘Rising Star Award’ in 2017 and 2018.

I always aim to be providing the best advice and service possible for my clients.

Kristian Zuza

Kristian Zuza

Partner & Business Development Manager

Bachelor of Business; Accounting
Bachelor of Business; Small Business Management & Accounting
Diploma of Financial Planning
Director of Non-Proft ‘Response For Life Australia Ltd’


I have over 8 years of experience working in Australia’s leading privately owned financial services companies.

One of three brothers, growing up in a loud, close family that had home full of friends and relatives more often than not had taught me great deal – not only did it mean ensuring I had a thick skin to deal with banter, or communicating with various generations at any point in time, the single best lesson it taught me is understanding what a great sense of community is.

Ultimately, the importance of relationships.
I have a passion for making things happen. Seems like a broad statement, all it really means is once I set my sights on a goal I need to make it happen. I like to follow this in all areas of my life; in a professional sense this includes helping people achieve, from strangers to clients and colleagues; in a lifestyle sense it might mean getting down to the beach with friends.

Having a European background just embedded an emphasis on Food and that many of the best relationships are developed face to face, over a coffee or sharing a meal.

Professionally, I have a passion for companies (naturally with an Accounting and Tax background), but not in a typical sense – I am intrigued and inspired by the people and relationships that make them great. Start-up or Giant Co, they symbolise a community, and allow people to work together to achieve outcomes that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to make reality.

I get excited when I am part of organisations to make them bigger or better with my efforts.
With my background, education and experience, I love working with people to really help them achieve their own definition of success. This means employees, employers, a young couple wanting to start a family all the way through to those looking to retire. Being a part of a company that shares my values is really a bonus and makes it easy to enjoy my professional career.

I love sport, the world game “Football,” and a competitive game of Tennis keep me active, however at times also glued to a TV screen.

Open to meeting people and having a chat.

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